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 Welcome to Bahb Civiletti’s TCE Virtuoso Embouchure Studio, the home of The TCE.

                       MY NEW BOOK IS NOW


                                   “TCE POWER TRAINING”

                    Robert J. (Bahb) Civiletti

           Dr. Niranjan (Nini) Wijewickrema

 This 211 page book covers all aspects of the TCE technique from its origin to present day comprehension. Advanced Einsetzen/Ansetzen Power Drills, Advanced Double Pedal Tones and the Five Essential Articulations as never experienced  before. We have also introduced “Lingua Puntata”   (Pointed Tongue) a documented history of trumpet playing, “Through the teeth…..through centuries”  FREE  SHIPPING IN THE U.S.A  OVERSEAS SHIPPING PLEASE ADD $22.50. Go to Bahb’s store to order. The first reviews are in. Read them at my review page.


Now offering the Tongue Controlled Embouchure TCE Introductory Training course ONLINE for all levels of Brass players!

The course includes five one hour Private Skype or FaceTime lessons, any one of my 3 books, The MONSTER CHOPS DEVICE and free shipping in the USA Only. The total cost is $347.00. This online course is an in-depth study of the TCE and focuses on the total development of the brass players’ embouchure. This course will build endurance, power and range as you have never had before. Lesson dates and times are flexable, study at your own pace.  Contact Bahb at for more details.

Special Pricing For Former Students.



Bahb is dedicated to the advancement of the brass players virtuoso embouchure.

The Tongue Controlled Embouchure is the most successful embouchure method in the world.


              “MonsterChops” by Facial-Flex.

 The New T.C.E Dynamic Resistance Exerciser.
               It’s Hands Free!

During this year’s T.C.E. tour in Belgium, I was happily informed that the principal trumpeter of the National Orchestra of Belgium, Leon Wouters, has endorsed the “MonsterChops”device. You can read about his experience and how it helped him recover from open heart surgery at the “MonsterChops” Testimonials page.

The “MonsterChops” device is revolutionizing the brass playing world, and it’s Hands Free. This personal embouchure building device will give you both isometric and isokinetic results. What makes “MonsterChops” uniquely different from all of the other personal embouchure training exercisers is that you do not have to hold the device or pull with your hands. “MonsterChops” works like a Bow-Flex or Nautical machine and will build your Orbicularis Oris muscle faster then any other personal embouchure training exercise device on the market. Through this motion it will allow you to focus on all the muscle arrangements, not just one. The “MonsterChops” devise can be used at anytime and anywhere. It is a proven fact that no muscle in the human body can be strengthened without first being fatigued or overloaded. I have developed “MonsterChops” exercises that will help all brass players improve their power, range, endurance and intonation. Go to the “MonsterChops” testimonies pages to read some of the comments from trumpeters and Doctors.

  To hear Bahb play the Modern and Baroque trumpets go to Baroquebahb or BAHBCIVILETTI’STCE  on YouTube.


The NEW TCE “MonsterChops” Technique involves the use of the TCE Training Manual Harmonics, Einsetzen/Ansetzen exercises and the Dynamic Resistance Exerciser. For more information click this link ==>Monster Chops.All the best, Bahb.     


View this “MonsterChops” made byFacial-Flex demo video on youtube below at

Monster Chops. The Art of the Tongue Controlled Embouchure (TCE)


“New” Robert J. (Bahb) Civiletti and Niranjan Wijewickrema Present

“The Art of the High Baroque”

Music minus one (MMO) training course.

This new edition features 3 CD’s, 6 Trumpet parts for Baroque Trumpet and 6 trumpet parts transposed for the Piccolo trumpet.

The first CD is a Demo of “The Art of the High Baroque” Second CD is the MMO A= 415 Hz for the Baroque Trumpet and the Third CD is the MMO A=440 Hz for the Piccolo Trumpet. This is the most challenging repertoire from the late Baroque period. This training course is for the advanced player and will challenge all of your abilities. Now available at Bahb’s Store.

 The TCE Training Manual.

The “TCE Training Manual” and “Trumpet Secrets” second editions are now available with the introduction Einsetzen/Ansetzen lesson.  The TCE (Tongue Forward-Super Chops) is the most celebrated embouchure method in the world. The TCE method systematically builds the embouchure by using the tongue muscles with the 5 articulations and the strengthening  of the Orbicularis Oris.  The ultimate results is a  focused tone, perfect intonation and extreme high range embouchure development.These books are available with German and French translations. The German edition was translated by Edward H. Tarr and Friedemann Immer and the French edition was translated by Niranjan Wijewickrema. Please specify which edition you are interested in when ordering. Visit BAHB’s Store for details ==> Click to Enter Store


Trumpet Secrets:
Secrets of the Tongue-Controlled Embouchure
Jerome Callet & BAHB Civiletti.

The Second Edition of this book is now available and includes the Einsetzen/Ansetzen lesson. This books is available with German and French translations. The German edition was translated by Edward H. Tarr and Friedemann Immer and the French edition was translated by Niranjan Wijewickrema. Please specify which edition you are interested in when ordering.
Visit BAHB’s Store for details ==> Click to Enter Store

 Click on these videos to learn about the Einsetzen/Ansetzen setting for double pedal tones.



Click here and listen to Bahb play Hot Canary with the New Custom TCE #3 Mouthpiece.

The TCE 3 CUSTOM MOUTHPIECE is now available. It is the best Mouthpiece I have created. It will give you a full bodied sound from the low to the extreme HIGH range of the horn. My students are playing from high C to double high C and beyond with great ease and without strain. Special Offer: One free Skype Lesson with Purchase of any TCE #3 Custom Mouthpiece. Contact BAHB for more information.

 Watch and listen to “Virtuoso Baroque Trumpet Concertos”

Bahb plays the opening statement from the 3rd movement of Bach’s 2nd Brandenburg on the Bb trumpet in one breath.




I have been giving Skype lessons via the Internet to trumpeters all over the world. Click the logo for more information.